Custom Reproduction of Tiffany Studios Lamp Shade
tiffany wisteria


Artist Collection

Size(width-diameter): 18″

# of Pieces of Glass: 1945


What can I say about this beauty.  People walk into the room where this lamp shade is lit and they are drawn to it.  The colors are amazing.  The ways that it makes colors dance along the ceiling and walls is breathtaking.  The glass was carefully selected for this lamp.  A very time-consuming lamp to replicate.  I spent an untold number of hours working with all of the glass as well as the various components including replicas of the brass crown and branches, which are duplicates of what Tiffany Studios used.

The Wisteria is a true heirloom lamp shade.

A custom example of the Tiffany Wisteria lampshade can be ordered.  We will make the shade specifically for you using a form and techniques based on the original Louis Comfort Tiffany design.  Learn more here.

Order a custom Wisteria lamp shade

Disclaimer:  Variations may occur as photography can vary.  For lampshades which are available, lamp bases are not included unless noted.

“Tiffany” is an abbreviation for “Louis Comfort Tiffany” or “Tiffany Studios”.   All designs are based on original designs created by Tiffany Studios.