My Love of Tiffany Stained Glass

Louis Comfort and I

Originally all of my stained glass creations were for personal use.  I added to my extensive collection any lamps which were produced by Louis Comfort Tiffany.  I started making stained glass lamps and panels in the early 1980’s and by 2020 I was receiving requests for me to sell various shades.  Here is the story of how I got to this point.  I hope that, by reading this, you will have an understanding of my appreciation for the master craftsmen (and women) who worked with Louis Comfort Tiffany.  In fact, many of the most popular designs were created by very talented women and typically the people who built the lamps were men.  I am now making my lamps available to a select few.  All of my lamps are painstakingly made the same way that Tiffany made them.  I attempt to put into them the same quality as Tiffany.  I do not make them for quantity but rather for quality.  You can view the lamps that I have available by clicking here.  Also, if you would like to order a custom shade you can read about my process here.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Jim Oborny

tiffany studio stained glass lamps

Image from Rebel in Glass, Robert Koch

How It All Started

My fascination with stained glass began in the 1980’s.  My step-father had an extensive antique collection.  Included in his collection were many stained glass lampshades.  Two of his hanging lampshades are still in my collection.  He had two table lamps that were of particular interest.  One was a Handel including a beautiful urn base.  The other was a Duffner and Kimberly lamp.  In pursuit of expanding his antique collection we would often go to auctions and antique shows.  On one particular trip to one such show I saw my first Tiffany lamps in person.  This event was life-changing.  From that moment on I was obsessed.  I wanted a Tiffany dragonfly lamp and a Turtleback Tile lamp.

tiffany lamps about 1
tiffany lamps about 2

My Growing Collection

After seeing a real Tiffany dragonfly lamp shade I was hooked.  So what better lamp to create for my first one.  I made it.  I was inexperienced and taking that into account it still turned out to be a very nice lamp.  When I completed it I thought about what my next lamp should be.  I researched all of the Tiffany lamps and decided that I wanted a Wisteria.  Talk about ambitious.  The Wisteria has almost 2,000 pieces.  Well, it must have been fate, but someone that I knew had just completed a Wisteria lamp using the Odyssey lamp form.  Odyssey is a company that has made forms for Tiffany lamps which are made from original lamps.  I bought the mold and started buying all of the materials that I needed.  I purchased the hardware, there is extensive hardware needed for this lamp.  I bought a special lamp base, again based on the authentic Tiffany base.  I spent time meticulously picking the glass that I would need for it.  I jumped right in and started cutting my 2,000 pieces.  This was a daunting task.  I ended up building several “easier” lamps before I would ever complete my Wisteria.  Finally, after moving and setting up my new shop I was back at finishing my Wisteria.  This was 35 years later.  In the mean time I had built over one dozen other lamps and numerous panels.

Limited Availability

With my Wisteria behind me I could now start making other lamps designed by Tiffany.  Wait though, I hit a road block.  The hardware needed for the Odyssey molds suddenly stopped being available.  In a panic I searched for what I could find and ordered it.  I ordered 3 new Odyssey molds.  I figured that this would keep me busy for a while.  I was wrong.  I had upgrading some of my tools and workshop and I found that my lamps, which were all much easier than the Wisteria, did not take as long to make.  I found myself making three in as many months.  I now find myself filling my home with my beautiful creations.  I have been buying various antique bases from Handel, Bradley and Hubbard, and more.  As I find antique bases that appeal to me I buy then and reflect on what shade would best be suited for them.  Then comes that hard decision.  Do I want to keep them?  I can’t keep them all.  People are starting to ask if they are for sale.  So now they are.  I will even take orders for custom shades.  This allows you to select your desired colors, etc.

tiffany lamps about 3

Order a Custom Made Lamp

We can build your desired Tiffany lamp shade.  We can even create it based on your desired colors.  It will become your family heirloom.

Shop our Lamps in Stock

Shop our limited supply of handmade Tiffany lamps.  These lamps are based on Tiffany designs and we hand select the glass for each lamp.